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what makes us different

We deploy cutting-edge technology and robust asset management systems to drive our traders toward success 

Simple evaluation phase

Refine your trading skills in a demo account, targeting a 8% profit.

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Profit share up to 90%

Earn a substantial profit share, with the potential to receive up to 90%.

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Instant daily withdrawal

Experience daily withdrawals for our esteemed senior traders.

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Transparent regulations and unwavering reliability, empowering you to optimize your capabilities.

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Balance (USD)$5,000$10,000$25,000$50,000$100,000
Phase 1 Profit Target$400$800$2,000$4,000$8,000
Phase 2 Profit Target$250$500$1,250$2,500$5,000

Daily withdrawal

For Senior traders


Max. Daily Drawdown


Overall Drawdown


Profit Share

5 Days

Minimum Trading / Phase



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Over 50 Trading Instruments

FX, Metal, Index, Commodities, Crypto

Get Paid in 24 Hours

Easy and beneficial

Maximize your savings: enjoy a 50% balance boost while saving 10% on interest
Never Risk Money

No financial risk involved

As you show consistency, we reward you by gradually increasing the size of your funded account

Begin Your Journey

Initiate your journey toward trading mastery with our supportive process

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Explore our competitive spreads

At Propification, we recognize the significance of spreads and fees for our traders. Our dedicated team continually seeks out providers offering the best trading conditions, ensuring a higher success rate for our traders.
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success stories

Discover the triumphs of our traders:

Worked great for me. The funding opportunity is real, and the potential to earn up to 80% of profits is mind-blowing. The simple evaluation phase and the flexibility of daily withdrawals are also standout features, especially now

testimonialAmir Al-Hassan

Propification totally upped my trading game! That demo evaluation looked challenging, but hitting that 10% profit target in 40 days felt epic. Now, I’m trading like a boss and actually seeing real green in my account. Cheers to Propification for making trading awesome!

testimonialLayla Al-Fayed
Saudi Arabia

I wasn’t sure at first, but this “no risk, all reward” thing won me over. It’s like having a personal cheer squad pushing you to trade better! Plus, the chance to trade with broker’s money is awesome. And don’t even get me started on those fast payouts – my bank account is doing a happy dance

testimonialEmre Yılmaz

The use of cutting-edge technology by Propification is evident. The transparency in regulations and unwavering reliability make it a trustworthy platform. Quick access to funds with daily withdrawal is a standout feature for me

testimonialArslan Demir

It’s not just a prop firm, it’s a tribe of traders pushing each other to be the best. The journey from evaluation to live trading is smooth as butter, and their resources are top-notch. I feel like I’m part of something bigger here

testimonialAditi Sharma

The potential to earn up to 80% profit share at Propification is remarkable. The demo account helped me gain confidence, and the fast daily withdrawal ensures I can access my funds whenever needed

testimonialVivek Singh

We offer the range of convenient payment options:

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